Technical Editing to Enhance Your Writing Success

Are you writing a white paper? A research proposal? The final report for a mega project? Check out how a technical editor can help you.

As your technical editor, I’ll work with you to ensure your document is correct, clear and concise. And the writing style and tone of voice are right for your readers.

Most importantly, we’ll work together to meet your deadline. No matter how tight the deadline. And together we’ll produce the best result in the time available.

Technical editing  

Many technical specialists, engineers and scientists are experienced writers, so why call on editing services? Maybe,  you’re pressed for time with a tight deadline fast approaching. Maybe, your not a native speaker and you’d like some support in producing a key document. Or simply, you’d like a second opinion to ensure your document is clear, concise and accurate for your audience. Please contact me, if you are charged with writing any of the following:

  • management summary for your report
  • article for a trade journal
  • white paper
  • your customer newsletter
  • annual report
  • website content
  • press releases.

My technical editing experience 

  • technical and business reports
  • technical proposals and tenders
  • user manuals, technical manuals
  • specifications
  • instructions and procedures
  • white papers
  • scientific papers
  • technical articles and papers.

 What can technical editing do for you

Your technical editor makes every word you write count, and gives you practical support during the writing process.

Yet, many writers are unsure how a technical editor can help them. Perhaps, because an editor’s job is not always well defined. It’s sometimes called copy editing. Proofreading. Readability editing. Style editing. Substantive editing. And each term has a different focus.

It’s a good idea to talk to your technical editor before you start work. Decide what needs doing to complete your document in the time available.

Here’s how I can help you to make your document ready for publication.

Sometimes a technical editor need to work on hard copy
Sometimes a technical editor need to work on hard copy
editing text on screen

Copy or language editing, proofreading

Whatever it’s called – copy or language editing, or proof reading – this level of editing focuses on checking and fixing errors in:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • capitals
  • abbreviations
  • units of measurements
  • other writing conventions.



Style or readability editing

We may decide to improve you document’s readability. This means ensuring your ideas and information are clear, concise and coherent for your readers. Editing may involve:

  • removing redundant words;
  • suggesting more appropriate words;
  • shortening and rearranging sentences;
  • reorganising paragraphs.

Structural or substantive editing

Your document may need structural or substantive editing to develop a coherent sequence of information and ideas.

Structural editing aims to make your document easier to read and to understand. Editing may involve:

  • rearranging sentences within paragraphs;
  • reshuffling paragraphs into a better sequence;
  • removing repetition.


Content editing

You’re the writer and you decide the document content.

As your editor, I’ll check for inaccuracies and omissions. Perhaps, a date is incorrect. A geographical location is not right. Or, there’s an inconsistency in the tables and figures.

one-to-one discussion about text edits
one-to-one discussion about text edits

Contact me

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