STE training

In-company, tailor-made STE training

The smart and easy way to get up to speed with STE is in-company, tailor-made training & coaching.

Because in-company workshops focus on your technical writers. On your technical documents. And on your company’s specific requirements.

Training your technical writers in STE (Simplified Technical English) will pay dividends.

Because writing in STE produces clearer, easier to understand technical manuals. And what’s more, reduces the length of your manuals by up to 30%.

What’s more, STE can reduce translation costs by as much as 20 to 40%.

STE training for better technical manuals

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) is an international specification for technical documentation (see

The controlled language of STE presents complex technical information accurately and correctly. And furthermore, technical manuals are unambiguous (clear and precise) and easy to understand.

Because STE embeds the techniques of clear, concise writing.

For instance, it replaces complex sentence structures with short, easy to read sentences. Removes unnecessary words. Exchanges confusing, ambiguous words with clear, precise words.

But unfortunately, very few of us have learned the skills of clear, concise writing in high schools and universities. And certainly not in English language courses.

That’s why your technical writers need to learn to the techniques and tips of clear concise writing. These skills are essential to work efficiently in STE.

STE reduces translation hassles

Manual writing is closely related to translation. Because you may need to translate technical manuals into 10 or more languages, depending on your market.

Multi-language technical manuals are costly and time-consuming to produce. And the price-quality ratio is not always optimal.

This is exactly where writing in STE can help.

STE makes translation easier. Because STE writing is clear, precise and unambiguous. There’s less chance of mistranslations and mistakes.

And writing in STE reduces the number of words that have to be translated.

These factors add up to faster, easier and more accurate translation from STE to the target language.

This is the case whether the work is done by a translator using translation memory or by translation machine.

Estimates vary. But STE could mean a cut of 20 to 40% in your translation bill.

Tailor-made STE training and coaching

There’s no need to send your technical writers to open training  with participants from other companies.

I offer in-company training workshops and individual coaching tailored to the specific requirements of your technical writers to learn and perfect STE.

In-company STE workshops are designed to fit with your technical writers’ work schedules. We work at your pace, and use your writers’ own materials.

It won’t take long to master the skills of clear, concise writing on which STE is built. You will see a big difference in just one or two half-day workshops. You’ll learn the STE writing skills you need for technically accurate manuals that are easy for users to understand.

In addition, we can work together on mastering the STE controlled vocabulary. And start to build a technical dictionary for your company.

If you prefer, I can work with your technical writers individually.  Because coaching can give a technical writer practical support, when and where it is needed.

And moreover, I’ll arrange coaching sessions to fit your writers’ busy schedules.

You’ll be surprised how much we can achieve in just a few hours!

If you would like to know more, please contact me: Helen West at