One sure way to powerful presentations

Let’s be honest. Giving a presentation is a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be! You can learn how to make powerful presentations that grabs and holds your audience’s attention.

Whether you are an engineer, technical specialist, scientist, health specialist, economist or banker. Making presentations as part of the job. You can learn the techniques, tricks and tips of making powerful presentations in English. These skills will enable you to present to your audience with confidence and enthusiasm.

Even the most dynamic presenters have had learned these presentation skills. And you too can learn the skills to:

  • Pitch a new product or innovative solution to a client
  • Make a boardroom presentation
  • Present your research findings at an international conference
  • Present a new development to your sector organisation
  • Make less formal presentations to your team and colleagues.

Powerful presentations 

Some people worry that their English is not good enough to give powerful presentations. Maybe, you’ll make a few language errors. But that won’t bother your audience if you have a clear, purposeful message for them.

The secret of powerful presentations in English – or for that matter in any language – is to be well prepared. This means knowing your audience. Having a clear message for them. Presenting your message in a well organised argument that’s easy to follow.

In the training, I’ll show you how to do just how to do that. When you have prepared your presentation using these techniques, you can be more confidence and enthusiastic standing in front of your audience. Because the better you are prepared, the better your presentations.

powerful conference presentations
Be well-prepared and hold your audience's attention
powerful presentations to hold your audience's attention
A powerful presentation holds your audience spellbound

How to prepare

If you know your audience, you are on track for a powerful presentation. The next step is to organise and prepare your presentation to speak directly to them.

And there’s more to powerful presentations, as you will discover in the presentation training. You’ll discover:

  • How to prepare a powerful presentation
  • Why your slides can be your best friend or your worst enemy
  • How to make your slides work harder for you
  • Tips on making a strong start and concluding on a high note
  • How to read your audience and understand their body language
  • Tips on speaking to an audience in English.

Training and coaching

Training in preparing a presentation has to meet your specific needs and to fit your work schedule. That’s why the best results are obtained small group, in-company training workshops. This gives you the opportunity to try out what we’ve discussed and to get instant feedback.

For some people, it’s more practical to have help in preparing a presentation for an important conference or meeting.

In one or two short sessions, we can work together to prepare an presentation that you can give with confidence.

Together, we’ll ensure your presentation is structured for your audience. We can check that your slides supports your presentation.  We can run through your presentation together to correct any language issues. And of course, anything else that you might be concerned about.

If you’re about to give an important presentation soon, a few tips and tricks on how to prepare could make all the different. Please contact Helen West at