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Let’s get in touch to discover how we can work together to help you to be a better writer in your business or profession.

And what’s more, being a good writer will increase your chances for career advance and for your company or organisation.

Because I’m convinced that the better you can write and present your work, the more productive you will be in your job.

Writing and editing

Maybe, you’d like some help with writing and editing a key  business or technical document. A convincing research or project proposal. A technical article for peer-review. A white paper.

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English copywriting

Maybe, you’re looking for an English copywriter to produce an English brochure, website or a blog that gets and holds your readers’ attention. Let me know because I can help you.

STE training

If you are a technical writer, you may need to get up to speed with STE training: Simplified Technical English. Let me show you tips and tricks to make writing in STE easier, quicker and fun.

Powerful presentations

You’re at the right address if you have to present a paper at  conference soon. Discover how to prepare a powerful presentation in English.

Writing training

Maybe, you’re thinking about how to improve your English writing skills. I can help you to make a real difference. With just a few hours of coaching, you’ll get all sorts of tips and tricks that will help you be a more effective writer.

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By making contact, there’s no obligation and no commitment. And maybe we can find a match.

Please email me or give me a quick call, whichever is easiest for you. Here are my contact details:

Helen West
West English Communications bv
Prins Bernhardlaan 47
6721 DP Bennekom, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 318 417827
Mob.: +31 646 013 641

If you prefer,  just fill out and send this form, and I’ll contact you straightaway.

Looking forward to hearing from you!