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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write you way to success

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Write your way to success in your business and profession

Hi, I’m Helen West. I’m an English copywriter, technical editor, writing trainer/coach committed to helping you to write your way to success in your business and profession. 

Because I’m convinced that the better you can write and present your work, the more productive you will be in your job. And the better your chances for career advance.  

The first priority in writing your way to success is to hire in a copywriter to support you with writing for your website content, newsletters, brochures, white papers, advertisements: to write your business-to-business communication that really matter to your business and professional success. 

Why is this so? Because a copywriter has a marketing mindset, and the skill to write informative, compelling copy. This is how I can help you because I write copy for large corporations and small businesses. 

Find out more by checking out business copywriting on this website.

Many technical specialists, engineers and scientists are experienced writers, so why call in editing services to help improve your document? 

Maybe, you’re pressed for time with a tight deadline fast approaching. Maybe, your not a native speaker and you’d like some support in producing a key document. Or simply, you’d like a second opinion to ensure your document is clear, concise and accurate for your audience. 

As your technical editor, I’ll work with you to produce an effective document and to ensure your meet your deadline. Find out how technical editing can help you boost your writing success.

Find out more by checking out technical editing on this website.

One of the smartest and easiest ways to write your way to success is to write your technical manuals in STE. Simplified Technical English is the international specification for technical documentation (see

STE enables you to present complex technical information – clearly, concisely and accurately. As a result, your manuals are easy to understand; are up to 30% shorter; and cost up to 20 to 40% less to translate.

Here’s more good news. There’s no need to send your technical writers to long and expensive open STE training. Because I offer in-company training and coaching tailored to your requirements. Find out how write your way to success in STE.

Find out more about STE training on this website.

Without a doubt, the very best way to write your way to success in business and your profession is to fine tune your own writing skills.

Native English speaker or not, we’ve all of us learned to write grammatically correct English at school or university. But to write your way to success in business and your profession, you need to develop your writing skills further.

You can improve your writing skills in a very short time. What’s more, you can do it at the training tempo that fits your workload. Because I’m offering in-company writing training and individual coaching to fit your schedule.

Find out more about how a writing coach can help you. 

Maybe, you are wondering why I’ve added power presentations to writing your way to success in business and your profession.

Presentations are oral not written, right? So before we go any further, let me explain.

In these corona times, a successful presentation has become that much more difficult. Because presentations are made online in Zoom conferences or webinars. You can’t get the same rapport as with an audience right in front of you.

To be successful online, your presentation has to be be very well prepared to grab and hold the attention of your virtual audience. 

This is why good, coherent writing is vital to a power presentation. It goes well beyond preparing a few slides and hoping for the best.  


Empowering you to write your way to success


You may be wondering about this rather long list of writing and editing experience. Let me explain. 

The list has extended over three decades and a little more. In this time, I’ve gathered quite a lot of experience that’s contributed to my belief and commitment that English writing power is essential to your business and professional success.



Find out more. Get in touch with Helen West: helping you write your way to success
Helen West: empowering you to write your way to success