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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write your way to success

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Write you way to success

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To present your business to the best advantage

A resourceful, creative copywriter is worth their weight in gold for your business and professional success in the marketplace. Because a competent copywriter has the two essential skills: a marketing mindset, and the ability to write informative, compelling copy.

That’s why companies – large corporations and small start-ups – hire copywriters for their websites. Their newsletters, brochures, white papers, blogs. And much more.

Copywriting is more than describing the technical features of your software package. Your tooling machine. Or your services. It’s about explaining to your customers the benefits of your products, without going over the top. That why you need a copywriter.

Hire a copywriter

In a nutshell: hire a skilled writer with a marketing mindset.

Maybe, you have a freelance contact: native English speaker corrector. Sure, they will ensure your copy is free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. But powerful marketing copy demands more. It’s a job for a resourceful writer with a market frame of mind. That’s why you want a copywriter.

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Copywriting close to my heart

My enthusiasm for copywriting started way back (well, two decades or so ago!). It all began when I was asked to translate a brochure for a bio-tech company (Dutch to English).

Very quickly I realised the brochure was not going to be fit for purpose. No matter how much I tried to polish the English translation, the text didn’t work. And so the client agreed that I should write a new text.

I was now determined to learn professional copywriting skills. So the first thing I did was to attend a course by a copywriter guru in the USA. This was an eye-opener. Since then, I’ve done online courses regularly to keep up with the latest developments.

As a result, I’ve done exciting copywriting assignments for industrial multinationals. Dutch companies operating internationally. Research institutes and universities.

My experience in business-to-business copywriting includes:

  • website content
  • newsletters
  • annual reports
  • product and services brochures
  • press releases and articles
  • white papers
  • trade fair displays.
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For the best result

When you hire me for a copywriting assignment, these are my steps to the best result, quickly and efficiently:

  • Start with detailed briefing about your target audience and your marketing purpose.
  • Collect information via interviews with key persons, and review of documents and other info sources.
  • Develop a concept for the marketing copy.
  • Write the copy.
  • Refine and polish the copy based on your comments.

Do you want help in writing web content or a product brochure? Find out more about my experience Helen West and contact me at