Write your way to success
Write your way to success through clear, concise writing

Hi, I’m Helen West. I’m an English copywriter, technical editor, writing trainer/coach committed to helping you to write your way to success in your business and profession. Because I’m convinced that the better you can write and present your work, the more productive you will be in your job. And the better your chances for career advance.  

As your copywriter I have the two two skills you need for business-to-business marketing communications: a marketing mindset, and the ability to write informative, compelling copy. I’ve written copy for large corporations and small businesses including website content, newsletters, brochures, white papers, advertisements. And much more.

Are you writing a white paper? A research proposal? The final report for a mega project? Check out how a technical editor can help you. As your technical-editor, I’m your second pair of eyes in writing and preparing your document for publication. 

If you write technical manuals, you’ll know about ASD-Simplified Technical English: controlled English to ensure manuals are correct, unambiguous and easy to understand. My STE-training will show you how to make writing in STE easier, quicker and fun: in one-to-one coaching or in-company workshops.  

Discover tips and tricks for writing and presenting complex information and ideas clearly and concisely to your intended audience. In in-house writing-training with your colleagues or individual coaching learn tried and tested techniques that will make a real difference. 

A conference presentation, or a presentation in the boardroom or to colleagues can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be! The secret of powerful presentations is to be well prepared for your audience. This goes beyond preparing a few slides and hoping for the best. Learn a fail-safe way to prepare and structure powerful presentations that grab and hold the attention of your audience.

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Helen West: helping you write your way to success
Helen West: helping you write your way to success