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Hi , I’m Helen West. I’m a writer, editor and trainer.

I’m committed to helping you to become a better writer in your business or profession.

Because I’m convinced that the better you can write and present your work, the more productive you will be in your job.

And the better your chances for career advance and for yo
ur company or organisation.

I’ve spent most of my working life helping people – managers, engineers, scientists, technical specialists and other professionals – to write clearly and concisely in English.

My clients are in many different sectors and areas of expertise. But they all have one thing in common – they need to write clearly and concisely for practical reasons.

Clear, concise writing

A well written document is easy to read and quickly understood by your intended readers. That’s why clear concise writing is essential.

This applies to all of these technical and business documents:

    • Technical and business reports
    • Research and technical proposals
    • Terms of Reference
    • User manuals, technical manuals
    • Specifications
    • Instruction and procedures
    • White papers
    • Technical/scientific papers and articles
    • Websites
    • Technical/scientific papers and articles
    • Memos, letters and emails
    • Press releases
    • Company and product brochures

Please take a moment to consider:

Is writing important in your job?

There’re many obvious reasons why writing should be clear and concise. But here are two practical reasons for clear, concise writing in business, industry, research and government.

1. To present complex information

First and foremost, managers engineers and scientists need to deliver information and ideas that are sometimes quite complex. Their professional know-how has to be presented accurately and correctly in a way that is easily understood by the intended readers.

2. To cope with the info overflow

Maybe, you’re well aware that of the considerable amount of time you spend reading and writing documents on screen.

In fact, studies indicate that you could be averaging 70% or even more of your working day writing or reading at your computer. Emails, reports, proposals and other technical documents.  And on it goes.

Go a step further. Calculate how much time you lose puzzling over vague, unclear, disorganised writing.

This is another very good reason why you need to know the tips and tricks of clear, concise writing.

How can you improve your writing?

Here are the practical ways I can support you to ensure your documents are well written in a style that communicates directly with your readers.

In-company writing training

I conduct in-company writing training. In just two short, concentrated training workshops you’ll see a instant improvement. I’ll show you the techniques of effective writing and give you tips and tricks to make a real difference.  And this will be a lasting improvement because you’ll learn tried and tested techniques that work!

One-to-one writing coaching

If you prefer, one-to-one coaching can be arranged either in conjunction with the writing workshops, or separately, whatever suits your schedule. You’ll be surprised just how many tips you can pick up on just one or two hours. Tips that will help you make an instant improvement.

STE training

If you write technical manuals, you’ll know all about ASD-Simplified Technical English. This controlled English ensures technical manuals are correct, unambiguous and easy to understand.

Some technical writers are frustrated by the demands of STE. But that doesn’t have to be the case.  Because we can deal with these issues in in-company workshops that focus on your technical writers. On your technical documents. And on your company’s specific requirements.

English writing and editing

Maybe, you’d like support in writing and editing a key document – a winning  proposal, a key report, white paper, or technical journal article.

My job as your editor is to work with you to ensure that every word counts. In presenting your information and ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly. And in the right style and tone of voice for your readers. Find out more about how an editor can help you.

Powerful presentations

Let’s be honest. Giving a presentation at a conference, in the boardroom or to colleagues can be a daunting experience. And even more so if English is not your first language.

However, the success of your presentation depends on how well you’ve prepared it for your audience. This goes beyond preparing a few slides and hoping for the best.

Find out about a fail-safe way to prepare and structure a  powerful presentation powerful presentations Powerful presentations. To get and hold the attention of your audience.

Let’s get in touch

I’ve listed five ways I can help you to write and present your work clearly and concisely in English.

Please get in touch to find out how my services as a writer, editor, trainer or coach can help you find the right writing solution.

Helen West at west@englishcom.nl